About Lollik

We passionately believe in the benefits of babywearing and work hard to combine the functionality of babywraps and slings with Danish design, skilled craftsmanship and the finest fibers available in the world. 

Lollik was established in the spring of 2016. The babywearing market in Denmark was, at the time, limited to stretchy wraps and simple buckle carriers from larger worldwide brands, and high end fashionable babywearing was only in its early stages, when our first wrap was launched.

With a professional background in textiles and Danish product design it felt natural to to create a brand that could represent Danish babywearing design on the international growing markets. After having lived and studied textiles in the United Kingdom for several years we felt that we had gained a deep understanding and respect for the traditional British jacquard weaving tradition, and we had developed a love for the proud craftsmanship that you only find in an old mill in UK. And that became the beginning of Lollik.

Our signature pattern is designed by Danish textile designer and former babywearing mum Evalou (Eva Louise Hauge, who has handdrawn 'vinger' especially for Lollik. The pattern is inspired by nature and the old Danish lullaby 'Sov mit barn, sov længe'.

In only 3 years, Lollik has become a well established and respected babywearing brand, not only in Scandinavia, but all over Europe. 

Lollik has since its beginning developed and expanded the assortment and will continue to do so in the future. A product from Lollik is infused with passion for details and quality and we never compromise in our effort to create long lasting and durable products with a root in our Scandinavian design heritage.